The Models Explained: STRIDA LT, SX, S30X, EVO 3S and C1

About the STRIDA LT

The STRIDA LT combines quality design, high performance, toughness and style at an affordable price. The STRIDA LT is a single-speed folding bike with a sturdy aluminium frame and sporty 16-inch polycarbonate wheels. It has a long-lasting Kevlar® belt for a chain, which requires no oil and low maintenance. At 10.9 kg, it is a great, versatile model for people on the go.

About the STRIDA SX

It’s all in the details. The STRIDA SX is a single-speed folding bike with spoke 18-inch wheels. It is similar to the LT model, but with a few fantastic upgrades, such as the Quick Release seat mount, which makes adjusting the seat height easier, and slightly larger wheels to offer more power and speed. It comes with a kickstand and an alloy rear rack with a higher weight-carrying capacity. At 11.9 kg, it’s a great choice for STRIDA lovers looking for more luxury and speed.

About the STRIDA EVO 3S

The EVO 3 Speed is STRIDA’s latest model. At 12.9 kg, the EVO 3S is equipped with 18-inch spoke wheels and a custom three-speed Sturmey-Archer gearbox located in the bottom bracket between the pedals. A truly innovative design, the EVO 3S offers three speeds without any extra shifters or cables — another reason why STRIDA is the most intelligent folding bike on the market. Shifting the gears is quick and easy: just backpedal and click to shift up or down a gear. It also comes with a number of luxury features, such as a Quick Release seat, kick stand and alloy accessories. The EVO 3S’s cutting-edge design and seamless shifting capacity make it well worth the splurge.

About the STRIDA S30X

STRIDA turned 30 this year! The STRIDA S30X is a special limited edition to celebrate 30 years of STRIDA. This special edition offers the classic, sturdy triangular STRIDA design with and a funky orange belt and special graphics. The STRIDA S30X has a sporty look and feel with carbon 18-inch rims with Schwalbe Kojak racing tires and much more. Each and every detail is lightweight and stands for speed. Still not sold? Each S30X comes with a free soft travel bag! And as an extra birthday gift from us: An 18-inch fender set with mudguard.

About the STRIDA C1

The STRIDA C1 Black Carbon is the ultimate luxury folding bike. Every single element has been redesigned for this special carbon edition. Thanks to its fully 3K carbon frame and carbon wheels, this STRIDA weighs only 8.4 kg. It has detachable racing pedals (which can be replaced with normal pedals via the same quick-release system). With the redesigned handlebars, Kojak racing tires and much more, each and every detail stands for speed and ultra-lightweight technology.