Adjusting belt tension on a STRIDA

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When the belt of a STRIDA slips, it may be necessary to give the belt some more tension. Also, the gears must be checked for worn teeth.

If the teeth and the belt are in order, the tension should be a bit higher. This can be done with the following steps

  1. Loosen the lockring with a hook wrench or carefully with a screwdriver and hammer in the teeth. (1 in figure)
  2. Loosen the Allen bolt. (2 in the figure)
  3. Turn the eccentric shaft so that it becomes a little tighter. (To the rear) (3 in the picture)
  4. A little tension is good, but not too tight. You should be able to press the belt with a little pressure against the frame at the top. (4 in picture)
  5. Follow steps 2 and 1 in opposite directions and tighten everything again. (2 and 1 in the picture)
Adjusting belt tension on a STRIDA